Get Online Week 2013 helps thousands of Europeans to overcome the e-skills gap

Nearly half of the European labour force (47%) [1] is not confident their computer and internet skills are sufficient in today’s labour market, while the demand for employees with ICT skills is growing considerably, by around 3% a year [2]. By 2015, 900.000 ICT job vacancies are forecasted to remain unfilled [3].

The Europe-wide Get Online Week campaign, organized in 26 countries between 18 and 24 March 2013, highlighted the essential role ICT skills play in today’s society and focused on encouraging young people to take up a career in ICT.

The Get Online Week campaign was organized for the fourth time by Telecentre-Europe, a Pan-European Association that represents 37 local network organizations operating across 27 countries and supported by the Get Online Week Allianceformed by Accenture, Liberty Global and Microsoft.

Youth unemployment in the EU27 is higher than 20% [4], while the unmet demand for e-skills will be high in 2015, at a level that will be as much as double the number of qualified graduates [5]. That’s why the campaign this year focused on youth, especially on how to direct more young people into digital qualifications and jobs.

In the field, 26 national Get Online Week campaign partners joined efforts with ICT companies and public authorities and organized a range of activities in both the urban and rural areas of their countries to empower people to use technologies for better jobs and better lives.

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Get Online Week 2013 – initial results

Thousands of Europeans were digitally empowered during the Get Online Week campaign of Telecentre-Europe. Between 18 and 24 March 2013, more than 10.000 ICT learning centres, libraries & schools in 26 countries supported over 100.000 people in their online journeys.

Telecentre-Europe is very pleased with the massive effort done by its partners during Get Online Week 2013 and its astonishing outcomes. In just one week, the European ICT learning centres, libraries, schools, etc. have changed the lives of so many people and proved once more why they are at the frontline of digital empowerment and inclusion.

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Get Online Week 2013 has started!

GOW13_bannerHOn March 18th at 00:00 CET the Get Online Week 2013 (#GOW2013) campaign counter was set to zero. In a joined effort to empower people to use technology to find a job or get more out of life, thousands of Europeans will be reached during the Pan-European campaign that will end on March 24th, at 24h CET.

Together with public authorithies & ICT companies, national campaign partners from almost 30 countries are organizing a whole week of exciting events, training sessions and competitions, taking place in approximately 10.000 European ICT learning centres (also known as telecentres) at public libraries, schools & municipal organisations, located in both urban and rural areas. Continue reading »

Voting for the WSIS Project Prizes 2013 now open

It’s time to show your support once again for the outstanding players in the telecentre movement. Several telecentre projects have been nominated for the World Summit on Information Society Project Prizes 2013–including Foundation’s own Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign – and they need your votes to win!

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International Girls in ICT Day will take place on April 25

ITU13-GirlsInICTDay_banner2HNext April 25th the International Girls in ICT Day will be celebrated. The initiative is backed by ITU Member States and wants to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of ICTs.

ITU13-GirlsInICTDay_banner3SEach year, on the 4th Thursday in April, the International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated. During this day, Ministries of ICT, Education, Labour, Youth, National ICT Regulatory Authorities, ICT companies, academic institutions, relevant UN agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders are encouraged to organize Girls in ICT day events.

During such an event, girls and university students are invited to spend the day at the office of ICT companies and government agencies so they better understand the opportunities the ICT sector holds for their future.

The ITU Secretary General invites all ITU Member States and Sector Members to organize events attracting as many girls and young women as possible.

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Over 500.000 women trained through TCF’s Telecentre Women program

A total of 567.411 women have been trained through the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign as of end of December 2012. 

The milestone marks the halfway point for the campaign, which is organized by Foundation and the International Telecommunication Union, and aims to provide 1 million women with digital literacy training.

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Intel® Learn program creates positive impact on girls

The Intel® Learn digital literacy program is an education initiative that provides technology education to youth around the world, equipping learners with skills in digital literacy, collaboration, creativity, and critical problem solving.ICRW_StudyIntelLearn2H

A study of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) reveals that the program has created positive impact on female learners.

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